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Suggested merge with Cartoon series[change source]

@Pure Evil: I don't think a merge is necessary. The topics are related, but they have separate Wikidata items and separate enwiki articles. A cartoon series has multiple episodes. The term animated cartoon is singular, so it could be a full-length movie, a short subject, or one episode of an animated cartoon series.

Another thing I noticed is that our article Cartoon series is linked in Wikidata to enwiki's en:Animated series, but these things are not exactly the same. Some cartoon series are not animated: I remember seeing at least one series when I was a kid that was like showing the frames from a graphic novel/comic book. And some animation is not cartoons, such as stop-motion animation. -- Auntof6 (talk) 05:34, 11 December 2022 (UTC)[reply]

A problem here is that neither of these are actual pages on the Both are redirects. One to a section of an article (Amimated cartoon -> Animation) and one to an article (Cartoon series ->Animated series). When simlifying from En the terms in Animated childrens series get tossed randomly to Animated cartoon and animated series. The choice seems to be at the whim of the editor as to which to use since both are correct. A series that is animated could focus animated at the fact that it is a form of animation or that it is a series that is animated. Much like linking to Science fiction or science fiction movie when talking about the term science fiction in a movie. The article Science fiction movie would better describe the meaning of the term even if talking about a Scifi tv series and not a movie. The series is closer to a movie than to the general genre. In this case, it is better to link to animated series and not animation (animated cartoon) though animated cartoon is correct.
It doesnt help that this article is all about animated movies while named cartoon. Even the intro section states they are all movies. When I hear "cartoon", I think the animated tv programs from Saturday mornings or weekday afternoons, not Disney classic movies. Cartoon vs animated movies.
By definitions, an animated cartoon is a cartoon which is animated. ie. a series of drawn (hand or cgi) images. They are a form of animation and probably a better match merging there. The difference is in the term series as this is not necessarily a series. there we do agree. this merge should probably aim to Animation instead.
As to "some animations are not cartoon". Quite true. But this is about animated cartoons - Cartoons which are animated. Those would be animations (not the subject here) and not Animated cartoons which is what are talking about so I am confused as to what you are using that statement to refer to.
All told I think we need to look into the way we deal with animation properties as the current way is a bit too haphazard and random. Pure Evil (talk) 17:29, 11 December 2022 (UTC)[reply]