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Lyrics - definition needs an example to show the form Peterdownunder (talk) 12:54, 18 June 2008 (UTC)

true but make sure it's in very simple english! Only then will simple wiki grow!

Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds & banned user's quick additional musings[change source]

I was about to write special piece on Mamie but I am afraid it will be complicated english, so I'll just share some of my views on blues and what other articles need:

A first gold selling album for american blacks. Recorded on August 10 1920, "Crazy Blues" went on to sell millions of copies. DONT ASK ME HOW MANY but in today's standards, that would amount to tens of millions! This single song was a catalyst for countless other female vocalist in both the jazz and blues genres. Way too many names to mention. But I think I should mention the great tragic Marion Harris and her original 1915 song: Look for the Silver Lining. (made into a movie, there was OTR show with that namee too) Judy Garland covered it, original play by great Jerome Kern, produced in 1920, some say it was done by Cole Porter but that is not so. (there are movie bios on both Kern & Porter, not to mention Dorsey bros (one of them choked in sleep, i publish an article on that, at least it was after 51st birthday), Al Jolson, Glen Miller, he & his crew are still somewhere around that faithful channel, u.s. navy should look for remains but is the military covering-up Miller's mysterious demise? If u famous and die young, mysteries will always abound, that reminds me... Marilyn Monroe's death ruled as accidental overdose suicide, WHAT) Was that inspiration for George Gershwin's Rhapsody in blue? Not likely, but thanx to Mamie many black artists found their niche, their outpost in blues. Finally, it gave them chance to prosper & gain recognition. Ever since Caruso's 1902 recordings (e.g. O Sole Mio, its charming operatic melody Elvis used in Cant Help Falling in Love, his closing song; Roy Orbison's voice was also well suited for it), musical recording formats kept on changing from 78 rpm to today's digital media circus. But it's all about the money, as is boxing, no wonder today's boxers cant fight, except Chagaev but he is slow.

Difference on Jazz & Blues ? Good question, there r many but may be next time... Right now, I'll clean dust from my original LP, Orson Welles' The War of the Worlds, martian drama, lol he scared many fools! Hmmm... Mamie, mamie, black face jolson's famous catchlinee, The Jazz Singer, THE FIRST SOUND MOVIE 1927- was he influenced by mamie too, weird! Correction, 1926 Vitaphone short with Jolson, Plantation Act was first sound film!

I call this quick reply because I am not going to waste time somewhere where I am not appreciated, where people are lowlife ignorantus, each of the above names & events has a story of its own, but music, no matter what kind, it's related, rooted!