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Pretty Lydie[change source]

Hi! I'm afraid this article about "Catherine Morland" might be a bit wrong,so if anybody is willing - please tell me some good advice, or you can change it yourself, if you'd please have the humblest thought to. This is the first article I've ever written - except for Northanger Abbey, which I've partly copied from English Wikipedia - so I'm probably horrible at it. If you want to send me encouragement (who would encourage such a bad article? Stop saying meaningless sentences and wasting the talk page!), just go into my tak page, and I would be very honoured, please. Other than that, please do not erase this article about Catherine Morland. I wasted many efforts on it, and I hope it is not a "waste". Thank you! I am,

Yours Truly, Pretty Lydie (talk) 08:12, 20 December 2009 (UTC)[reply]