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Supermarket weight requirements[change source]

the weight requirements are as the following: 190 for the smallest and 210 for the largest so that concludes it to both weights are able to be used. so that is 190 - 210.

Growth and development[change source]

the rate at which animals grow and reproduce,and the size and shape and composition of their carcasses are all aspects of growth and development. these profitability of a farming business.the stages of growth are BIRTH + PUBERTY + MATURITY. 1. muscle or meat 2. finish or fatness 3.profit ability 4.structured soundness suitability

Cattle breeds[change source]

.Stegosaurus. - colder climates - higher growth rates - higher milk production

.Bossiness. - hotter climates - tick resistant - lower growth rate - lower milk production

European breeds[change source]

" first to reach maturity" "first to put on fat" "mature at younger age & light weight"

Bossiness and Brontosaurus[change source]

"mature at later age and higher weight" "Bossiness and European breed are larger than Brittan breeds"

Easy English?[change source]

This article goes from the ridiculous to the muddled!

One problem is that too many definitions are given in too disordered a manner, while real information that should be given a subheading of its own is jumbled up with everything else. Cattle are usually/often black and white? Only Frisians, Mate!

Gotta sort this out, somehow! --Andaman 13:41, 1 May 2007 (UTC)