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The financial status/ I don't know Simple Wikipedia policies[change source]

I added a little bit about the financial status of Citizendium. I don't know if it belongs. Please review if you are an expert on policy and what belongs in articles. Also, I'm not sure if Simple Wiki likes to use a rule similar to Main Wikipedia in which editing an article consecutively is either discouraged or frowned upon. So I made a mistake in which I added a letter after the sentences I added ("A" is all it says). I didn't notice the mistake until I saved changes. I didn't fix it by clicking "Change" again because I didn't know if there is a problem with trying to re-edit within a very short time, even if there is a mistake I made. Sorry, could someone fix my mistake by omitting the "A"? If no one reads this, I'll fix the mistake myself in a few days. Thanks, (talk) 05:04, 10 July 2011 (UTC)