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what about microwave ovens for "cooking"?[change source]

please add microwave ovens --they do truly cook and are in every home[change source]

There's no mention at all of microwave ovens as one of the ways of cooking foods on the simple Cooking page.

Microwave radiation cooks definitely *cooks* foods although it heats them in a different way. However, many people mistakenly think that microwave ovens are only able to reheat foods, which is often because they've seen microwaves used only for that purpose in their particular lives. But many people (now, and in the past) actually do cook in microwave ovens, and in fact many foods will cook as well or better in microwaves as they do on burners or in regular ovens--e.g., fruits, veggies, fish, chicken. (It's true though that microwave ovens can't "brown" foods while cooking them, at least without special browning pans.)
Also, microwave ovens are one of the heating/cooking devices that most all kids and adults know about, and probably have.

(Even on the regular Wikipedia page for "Cooking," microwave ovens are mentioned in only one sentence: "A more recent innovation is microwaving." and that word (microwaving) is not even created as a Wikipedia link. I do see it now as a Wikipedia link when briefly mentioned under Cooking and Carcinogens.)