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Outdated/Wrong information?[change source]

There seems to be some minor info to be wrong or at least outdated?

What I collected that probs need updating:

  • It mentions the Fediverse to be "a group of computer servers that host social networks in a peer-to-peer way." This has imo a few wrong points.
1) P2P is to my knowledge not actively used in the Fediverse for most software. Mastodon is afaik not one using P2P. Only software I know using (or at least mentioning) it is PeerTube.
2) Is the Feediverse truly only used for social media? I highly doubt that this is the case. The main purpose of it is to have an interconnected web of servers.
  • The Twitter and Facebook example is a bit bad. Mainly because it gives the impression that different software can and will communicate with each other on the Fediverse no problem. And while this is true to an extend (Interporability exists between software like Mastodon and PeerTube (PeerTube videos show as mastodon posts)) is it not a guarantee as ActivityPub isn't covering everything and software may have their own implementation of specific features.
  • Maybe mention the Fediverse being kinda like e-mail? As in there can be different services, yet each provides the same basics. It's by far the most common go-to example to explain connections between federated servers.

- Andreas Sebastian Schmidt (talk) 17:50, 11 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]