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Frozen, or "TV" dinners are a direct product of wartime military catering.

  "K-rations" were a form of convenience food specificaly designed to be carried as "Belt-Packs" for small military units operating out beyond the front line, oft on clandestine missions.  These extremely meagre, yet equaly nutricious rations were oft supplemented, where possible, by individual military personnel foraging for fresh food/drink supplies.
 "C-rations" were also a form of convenience food, oft served up hot/table ready, in individual ration packs, from mobile, or field kitchens, on, or close to, the front line.  These packs are often cooked "in the can", such as Fray Bentos/Libbys meat pies, and stews.  They also issued small cans of "bully Beef" and spam, to be eaten cold.  This was pre-cooked in factory scale steam ovens, again cooked in the individual can.  Larger cans of both were open and sliced in the field kitchens, and oft used in salads, or fried in batter, etc.
  This is oft called refectory food in various modern government canteens.
  The original M/wave ovens were designed and built for military use, and were only for the purpose of reheating the complete dish, in non-metalic cooking vessels.  Modern tehnical refinements/improvements now allow the cooking of most raw food, also baking, poaching, braising, etc.