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"The living things we see around us are made of millions of tiny self-contained components called cells."[change source]

The "we see around us" is, of course, to exclude single-celled microorganisms, which would be really confusing to try and include. Adam Cuerden 15:56, 25 September 2007 (UTC)

Organization and additions to Mendelian Genetics[change source]

I reorganized the page a bit into main ideas, so hopefully the page will remain organized as people add to those ideas. Also, I added more to the Mendelian genetics section to clarify what Mendel did and make reference to his 3 laws, albeit in simplified form. Jia.liu (talk) 00:42, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

DNA not same as genetics[change source]

Although DNA is the central molecule of inheritance, it is not the foundation of genetics. Classical genetics ran for about 85 years before DNA was analysed, and apart from the section on Mendel, it is almost unrepresented in this article. This could have been avoided if earlier contributors had consulted one of the several excellent histories of genetics. Consequently, there will need to be some changes to redress the balance. Macdonald-ross (talk) 08:24, 14 November 2009 (UTC)