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I have removed a section from the article, with this code:

==Some different ways to say "Hello"==
*"Assalomu alekum"
*"Yello" (mostly used in answering phone calls)
*"Ni Hao"

I believe it has no place in the article, because it is unreferenced, unencyclopedic, and doesn't clarify in which languages or places each term is used. I believe readdition of them should only happen when we have a reliable source for them. - Huji reply 13:02, 6 September 2007 (UTC)[reply]

History of edit warring[change source]

I just want to put on record here that a certain anonymous editor:

has been persistently introducing controversial changes to the article that have been reverted by multiple editors on different occasions. Known good revisions of the article (and which are presumed to be accepted by the community) are Special:PermaLink/6795349, Special:PermaLink/6776396. Chenzw  Talk  14:29, 26 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]