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Brain and sense differences between human and other hominid are dealt with here as basically body differences. It's very hard to separate them. Things like colour vision may also be different but I don't know of any rigorous work really comparison human and say chimp vision.

There seems to be no choice but compare the human body to other hominid bodies. Trying to list every way they are different or similar to other mammal bodies, multi-celled beings, etc., is just foolish. Obviously those differences go at the level where they appear, which is how such terms as mammal, primate, hominid are defined. The Full English article on en:hominid is probably a bit more up to date on some of these differences, but I think the ones on humans are not as well structured biologically.

Obviously there are differences in mind and society that go way beyond the brain and sense differences that are outlined here. It would be sound though to base those articles on human traits that seem to have some basis in hominid abilities, on differences with our nearest relatives. For instance language abilities or child-raising are directly comparable at least to some degree.

The article Human body is very confusing. I think we should work to make this page better and easier to understand and use.

Less words and less ideas[change source]

I made this article shorter. I made it simpler. But I took much out of it. There were very many ideas that were hard to make simple. And some ideas I do not think should be here. Some of it sounded like a sermon. It was not very NPOV.

Some people may want some of the old words back. Please put them in if you want! Just make them simple.

And I like that da Vinci picture. It says much about the idea of the human body. NickGorton 12:06, 13 August 2005 (UTC)

Chimps and humans[change source]

First, to acknowledge that the end section comes from en:Human evolutionary genetics#Sequence divergence between humans and apes.
Second, to say I intend to rewrite it somewhat when I have digested the two highly complex papers which support it. Macdonald-ross (talk) 22:09, 26 September 2011 (UTC)