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Re deleting unsimplified copy paste for a fresh start[change source]

Looking through Special:LongPages, it is easy to spot articles that are very long, detailed copies from En Wiki that have not been simplified. An article that jumps from 4-5k to 60k+ with a single edit is a sure sign. In this case, the first editor said he copied it in the history and would simplify it later. The editor never got around to it. I left the sections he simplified (mainly the lead) and cut the rest. He clearly ran out of time or energy after several edits as all of the later sections are unchanged.

This article was also an orphan (which I'll take care of shortly) which is perhaps why nobody noticed it. I think we do need this article on the wiki, but a better article will result if we start over with the plan to build a simple article, rather trying to simplify such a huge article from En. A good, simple article will be both shorter and easier to read. Thanks, Gotanda (talk) 04:55, 16 December 2011 (UTC)