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Is this section good for the article?[change source]

Does this list help make the article better? I don't think it does.

If there is consensus for including this information, the section can be restored at any time. --Horeki (talk) 17:42, 6 March 2012 (UTC)


In 2010,<:ref>, "Júbilo Iwata"; retrieved 2012-3-6.</ref> the team included Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Japan GK Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi
2 Japan DF Kenichi Kaga
3 Japan DF Ryu Okada
4 Japan DF Kentaro Ohi
5 Japan MF Yūichi Komano
6 Japan MF Daisuke Nasu
8 Brazil FW Gilsinho
10 Japan MF Sho Naruoka
11 Japan MF Norihiro Nishi
13 South Korea DF Lee Gang-Jin
14 South Korea DF Park Joo-Ho
16 Japan DF Jo Kanazawa
17 Japan MF Yusuke Inuzuka
18 Japan FW Ryoichi Maeda
19 Japan FW Tomoyuki Arata
20 Japan MF Shuto Yamamoto
No. Position Player
21 Japan GK Naoki Hatta
22 Japan FW Robert Cullen
23 Japan MF Kosuke Yamamoto
24 Japan MF Takuya Matsuura
25 Japan MF Ryohei Yamazaki
27 Japan MF Kota Ueda
28 Japan MF Keisuke Funatani
30 Japan DF Shinnosuke Honda
31 Japan GK Akihiko Takeshige
32 Japan GK Takuya Ohata
33 South Korea FW Lee Keun-Ho
34 North Korea FW Hwang Song-Su

Comment[change source]

Creol explains at Talk:Sanfrecce Hiroshima: "Most football team articles include the team list ... but these lists require constant upkeep that may not be worth the effort for a smaller wiki."