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Speaking as a simple Wikipedia newbie, I don't see that copying over large chunks of en.WP articles is a good idea. Once an article is imported, it tends to trap editors into just modifying or simplifying the imported portions. It's better to start afresh, while of course, taking a look at what is written elsewhere (including en.WP). It should be noted that even the en.WP article is not particularly good. The articles there on Mobius strip, Klein bottle, crosscap, etc., have always been lackluster and problematic. As I see it, Simple offers an opportunity to write in an elementary fashion that is in fact discouraged on en.WP. There, rather than simplicity, "encyclopediacity" is what is favored. Meaning that usually sentences have to be written to conform to the sensibilities of even mathematical cognoscenti, and completeness (or coverage) is valued more than explaining a few things well. Just my two cents. --C S (talk) 17:42, 24 May 2009 (UTC)

Most of this article is not in simple English.