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I would suggest this page should be moved to "Passion music". Although the term "Passion cantata" exists, it is usually in reference to a particular small genre: the 18th century cantatas of Graun, Telemann and others. Bach's great passions come under the heading of "Passion Oratorio" or "Oratorio Passion" (ref: Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians 1980 vol 14 p.284). They are oratorios in scope. Cantatas are shorter. Terminology has, of course, been inconsistent and there have been various names used at different times. All such works fall under the heading "Passion music". This is the term used in the corresponding English Wikipedia article.

I should like to expand this page a little more, including more about the Passion music's origins as the Polyphonic Passion of the 15th century. These cannot be called cantatas by any stretch of the imagination. Hikitsurisan (talk) 20:44, 31 January 2009 (UTC)[reply]