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This is an accurate and correct representation of phasors. I should know, I am a master's student in Electrical Engineering. I presented it in layman's terms, and added a little bit of true flavor. Phasors ARE in Star trek (albeit an alternate spelling, but still correct). Phasors ARE a different coordinate axis.

Slgrandson, what is your major in college? Judging by your age, are you in your second year? I would love to talk to you about engineering if you are one.


We need a simple use of phasors to introduce Euler's equation.[change source]

I usually work on Wikiversity, but haven't done much on their circuit analysis. This introduction will be too short for Wikibooks, and too simple for Wikipedia. I will gladly move the final product to Wikiversity if it fall outside the scope of Simple English Wikipedia. Give me a few days to finish this short essay so you can judge for yourselves.--Guy vandegrift (talk) 02:38, 6 November 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]