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[[File:Europäischer Seehund.jpg|thumb|200px|Common Seal (''Phoca vitulina'').]]
'''Pinnipeds''' ("fin-feet", lit. "winged feet") or '''fin-footed mammals''' are a group of semi-aquatic marine [[mammal]]s. The pinnipeds are the group '''Pinnipedia''', which is a group in the [[Caniformia]] suborder, in the [[Carnivora]] order. 
There are three Pinniped families: [[Odobenidae]] ([[walrus]]es), [[Otariidae]] ([[eared seal]]s, including [[sea lion]]s and [[fur seal]]s), and [[Phocidae]] ([[true seal]]s). So, seals and walruses are both pinnipeds. They have fins for hands, big bulky bodies, [[dog]]gish faces, and big eyes. Unlike {{broken wikt link|cetacean|cetaceans}}, pinnipeds have their noses on their face, and each nostril of the nose closes when the pinniped goes under water. Like cetaceans, pinnipeds have a thick layer of blubber just under their skin: this blubber keeps them warm in cold waters and keeps them fed during times when food is not easily found. When they cannot find food, they can live off the fat in the blubber.

Pinnipeds are [[carnivore|carnivorous]]. This means they eat only meat (such as [[fish]] or [[squid]]) and not plants. However, almost all pinnipeds can be eaten by [[shark]]s or [[killer whale|orca whales]].

Pinnipeds are often trained in [[zoo]]s or [[aquarium]]s to put on shows, but in [[Sweden]], it is illegal to train a seal to balance a ball on its nose.<ref>{{cite book |title= Family Flip Quiz Geography|last= Gifford|first= Clive|authorlink= |coauthors= Lisa Clayden|year= 2002|publisher= Miles Kelly Publishing|location= Bardfield Centre, Great Bardfield, Essex, CM7 4SL|isbn= 1-84236-146-5|pages= |url= }}</ref>

== Taxonomy ==
* Family '''[[Phocidae]]''' ([[Earless seal]]s or true seals)
** Subfamily Monachinae
*** Tribe '''Monachini'''
**** Genus ''Monachus''
**** Genus ''Mirounga'': [[Elephant seal]]s
*** Tribe '''Lobodontini'''
**** Genus ''Ommatophoca''
***** [[Ross Seal]] (''Ommatophoca rossii'')
**** Genus ''Lobodon''
***** [[Crabeater Seal]] (''Lobodon carcinophagus'')
**** Genus ''Hydrurga''
***** [[Leopard Seal]] (''Hydrurga leptonyx'')
**** Genus ''Leptonychotes''
***** [[Weddell Seal]] (''Leptonychotes weddellii'')
** Subfamily '''Phocinae'''
*** Genus ''Cystophora''
**** [[Hooded Seal]] (''Cystophora cristata'')
*** Genus ''Erignathus''
**** [[Bearded Seal]] (''Erignathus barbatus'')
*** Genus ''Histriophoca''
**** [[Ribbon Seal]] (''Histriophoca fasciata'')
*** Genus ''Phoca''
**** [[Spotted Seal]] (''Phoca largha'')
**** [[Common Seal]] or Harbor Seal (''Phoca vitulina'')
**** [[Harp Seal]] (''Phoca groenlandica'', formerly ''Pagophilus groenlandicus'')
*** Genus ''Pusa''
**** [[Ringed Seal]] (''Pusa hispida'', formerly ''Phoca hispida'')
**** [[Caspian Seal]] (''Pusa caspica'', formerly ''Phoca caspica'')
**** [[Nerpa]] or Baikal Seal (''Pusa sibirica'', formerly ''Phoca sibirica'')
*** Genus ''Halichoerus''
**** [[Grey Seal]] (''Halichoerus grypus'')

* Family '''[[Otariidae]]''' ([[Eared seal]]s)
** Genus ''Arctocephalus'' ([[Fur seal]]s)
** Genus ''Callorhinus''
*** [[Northern Fur Seal]] (''Callorhinus ursinus'')
** Genus ''Eumetopias''
*** [[Steller Sea Lion]] or Northern Sea Lion (''Eumetopias jubatus'')
** Genus ''Neophoca''
*** [[Australian Sea Lion]] (''Neophoca cinerea'') 
** Genus ''Otaria''
*** [[South American Sea Lion]] or Southern Sea Lion (''Otaria flavescens'', formerly ''Otaria byronia'') 
** Genus ''Phocarctos''
*** [[New Zealand Sea Lion]] (''Phocarctos hookeri'')
** Genus ''Zalophus''
*** [[California Sea Lion]] (''Zalophus californianus'')

* Family '''[[Odobenidae]]''' ([[Walrus]]es)
** [[Walrus]] (''Odobenus rosmarus'')

== References ==

== Other pages ==

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