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Nov 15, 2004: The article says: "A play is a piece of writing". This is very true, but I think that most people think first of a play as "something to watch". We also could think of a play as "something to perform in". Do we want to make the main definition of a play "a piece of writing", or would one of the other meanings be better?

Hi, I just didn't want to repeat the same sentence as the disambiguation section, but I see what you mean, so I've just written it again the same. As the writing comes first, I left that in. Saintswithin 09:34, 16 Nov 2004 (UTC)

"But plays can change over time, so they are never old-fashioned."

??? Some certainly are. And what do you mean that "plays can change"? :-)

plays will of course nevr ever be old fashion ! hpmmo!b lol

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