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This was the material that I (temporarily?) removed from the article, owing to NPOV concerns:

==Division of Poonch== -[[October]] [[1947]] changed it all. The Muslims of Poonch always resented the oppressive policies of the Dogra Maharaja of Jammu, after he took charge of Poonch in 1936. At the time of partition, there were rumours that Muslims were being massacred in Jammu. It enraged the Poonchies and they intensified the struggle for independence from Jammu. A major part of the district went to Azad Kashmir. During the 1947-48 war between India and Pakistan, Poonch city was under attack of the rebel Poonchies, Pakistani tribals and Pakistan army for about one year. It was in the month of November 1948 that Poonch city was re-occupied by the Indian government.

Kansan (talk) 18:20, 20 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]