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And so we begin[change source]

I have done a rough intro and outlined the basic points I feel need to be covered. Let me know if any of my sentences are too long or sound too complicated. A note to me here will be more helpful than your just correcting things for me since I am a learner who learns best by doing. Thank you for your input, suggestions and additions. --I am Kiwi 08:00, 3 September 2006 (UTC)

a bit about editor Kiwi[change source]

I love editing, refining and simplifying things down to their essence, so the information is succinct and has great clarity. I hope I can help the Simple English Wikipedia and improve my writing and editing skills at the same time.--I am Kiwi

Needing feedback and discussion[change source]

I hope I have had some success in simplifying. Let me know what subtopics and paragraphs that still need work.

I think this should just about be as long as this article should be. Is this so?

I made the "other fields of psychiatry" subpoints as both links and brief definitions. In this sort of specialized medical field, I think brief definitions might be as deep as we wish to go. What do you guys think? --I am Kiwi 10:02, 4 September 2006 (UTC)