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global rationalism[change source]

Rationalized Consensus upon human behaviour, relationship, international traditions, customs and regulation be studied. To how to bring the nation together. Some professional are on duty to divide the generation in sub nation. Either word of religious books is of the commands the we are from Father Adam and latter were distributed from Abrahams son and grand son's times. The stylish typical routines of the Abraham was the favourite one for the Almighty. Is it not a fact that all positive deeds were completed in their times. There are countless religion in practice today. Above all is a faith.

preparation for modified tomorrow. The fixed life is ahead, whether we build heaven or dig ditch for future is the decision the we have determined is the only gift that deserved and  worth for the generation ahead. Manzoor khan 1 (talk) 08:49, 21 July 2016 (UTC)