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Not appropriate as a separate page[change source]

Should be a sub-section of ad hominem because it is just one examples out of millions, and is anyway not now so appropriate as it was in 1950 — This unsigned comment was added by Macdonald-ross (talk • changes) at 16:19, 2 September 2016 (UTC).

@Macdonald-ross: Unfortunately, I'm going to have to disagree with you there. "It is just one example out of millions"- but it is a particularly notable example, as it has been covered by many philosophers, as opposed to the "millions" of examples of ad hominem that have probably only been covered in the mind of its creator. Whilst notability is permanent (at least in, more recently, it has received significant coverage in various media organisations in articles about Brexit and Boris Johnson, and as said in the article, more recently by Donald Trump. I can only strongly advise that you take a look at the en Wikipedia page before nominating for deletion. Best wishes, Jcc (talk) 16:51, 2 September 2016 (UTC)
Of course I looked at En wiki, and I disagree with them also. Macdonald-ross (talk) 16:52, 2 September 2016 (UTC)