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What is often conviently left out of brief history's of Gary Graham that appear on the internet is the fact that when he was finally arrested by police after a 2 week long crime spree in which he shot 3 different people he had 10 guns in his possession. He was a bit of a collector, trading guns for drugs. It's true the Lambert murder weapon was never recovered. What is beyond dispute is that Graham shot one man in the leg with a shotgun during a robbery and left him on the side of the road to die, he shot another man in the neck, fulling intending for him to die as well. Both victims survived. It's not like Graham wasn't TRYING to kill people. As far as the Lambert murder went there was only one eyewitness. For the two other attempted murders there were more than one eyewitness. It is beyond dispute that Gary Graham could shoot somebody while trying to rob them. He did it twice where the victims survived. It was proven by the State of Texas in a court of law before a jury that he did in fact do it once where the victim did not survive.