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  Society may be defined as the association and interaction of human beings motivated to act by their desire for survival.
  Society appears to have a methodical structure that includes: the person, the family and the bureaucracy 
  Persons provide an intellect that involves a set of sensory, working and storage memories. 
  Families are informal gathering of persons who play the roles of leader, manager, entrepreneur and apprentice.There are three types of families; a)nuclear to breed and raise children, b)vocational to proved resources and c)voluntary, primarily friends leading to nuclear and vocational families. 
  Bureaucracies are formal gathering of families guided and controlled by laws.There are two types of bureaucracies a) public, primary governments created by families to provide services to maintain order, and b)private organizations created and controlled by public bureaucracies to provide services and goods.

Ref: The Methodical Society, Families and Their Leaders, Warren Eister, Xlibris, 2005

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