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Selected works[change source]

In the section which gives a list of movies, the word "works" was changed to "Works". In my opinion, this change here is a mistake. Only one letter was changed.

The use of capital letters is variable in English. Depending on context, either or both "Selected Works" and "Selected works" may be correct. For example, a Google Books search here produces a helpful example on page 2:

Rachmaninoff Selected Works: For the Piano
book cover
Sergei Rachmaninoff, Murray Baylor - 1985 - Preview
An anthology of selected works by Rachmaninoff based on the first editions corrected by the composer and the versions found in the Complete Works of Rachmaninoff published in Russia since 1949.

In this specific context, the decision about the use of capital letters in the section heading of a Wikipedia article is governed by consensus policy and practice. This is explained at Wikipedia:Manual of Style. For more detail, please look more closely at two sections of this policy article:

3 Sections and headings
3.2 Wording
  • In a heading, capitalize only the first letter of the first word and the first letter of any proper nouns, and leave all of the other letters in lowercase. Example: "Rules and regulations", not "Rules and Regulations".

This is a small issue. I wonder if it may be helpful as a en:teachable moment? --Ansei (talk) 14:03, 17 December 2012 (UTC)