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Hostages in the cockpit[change source]

In reading various articles on Flight 93, it appears that those who listened to the plane's cockpit voice recorder took down statements and pleas by "two" native English speaking people who weren't hijackers, a man and a woman. The presence of hostages in the cockpit could be discerned at first from a stream of harsh commands Jarrah issued in English after his "Here the captain" announcement. Before the woman's voice was heard, and as the commands started, a male voice pleads "No more," several times. In the "Washington Post's account of the recording at the trial"., this comment is attributed to a "victim", indicating the voice was American. This, as well as moaning that was said to be heard, indicates that a pilot (some, including the late Sandy Dahl (Jason Dahl's wife) and David Dosch (a friend of Jason), believing it to be Capitan Dahl, possibly repeatedly disabling the plane's autopilot feature to attempt to foil the hijackers), was alive in the cockpit and refused to follow Jarrah's commands to "sit down." The belief by Sandy Dahl was included as far back as 2015 ( but has been omitted over the course of several edits about a year back, apparently by accident, and thus only the later comment is included, "Dahl seemingly continued to moan and fight Jarrah over the controls, repeatedly disengaging the autopilot, as at 09:40, there were horn sounds that indicating the hijackers were repeatedly having trouble with the autopilot and were fiddling with a green knob." Along with bringing the initial paragraph back, so that the later comment doesn't seem to come out of nowhere (like I said, deleting the first comment about this, would confuse readers on where the "moaning" was first heard), I am changing the words slightly so it can make more sense, notably changing the word "indicating" to "indicated" instead. (talk) 20:22, 10 June 2021 (UTC)

From what I gather, the documentary in question is “The Flight That Fought Back”, whose narrator states “it is believed Mickey’ Rothenberg is the first person attacked”. In his book “Among the Heroes,” which I added a NBC link to, Jere Longman writes about Rothenberg being the possible victim, and it is elaborated on in Tom McMillan’s book “Flight 93: The Story, the Aftermath, and the Legacy of American Courage on 9/11”. I tried to add a link to pages 153 or 154, but it caused a problem so I wrote the words instead, so that someone might be able to find it and link it instead. (talk) 18:20, 12 June 2021 (UTC)