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The original article here had an average readability index of 11.7 (the reader would likely need to be in 11th grade to read it) which is not a large drop from the original English versions average of 12.5. Aside from the need for shorter sentences, the word choice needed much work.

For example:

  • " the Academy thoroughly examined the etiology of the mass cheating in addition to alleged excessive pressures that the.." - Thoroughly examined is stretching Simple English, Etiology.. I had to google that word to understand it.. Alleged excessive pressures are also an issue.
  • ".. effectively engaging in religious proselytizing .." hard word choices, religion needs linked, and had to google Proselytizing to even begin to understand the sentence. Terms like these either need to be linked, defined or reworded.

The current article is down a bit over 3 grade levels. It is at a 8.4 at this time. It can still use some work to get it another grade or two lower but the forced choice in some wording (names and such) limit this. (6-7 is a solid target range). (talk) 02:47, 27 December 2011 (UTC)