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Being vaporized doesn't mean literally turned into vapour, it simply means that all trace of the person is removed. repeated attempts to introduce unpersons from a capitalist system have been erased till a policeman forbade me to print them, in a very orwellian styles. Attempting as an unperson to put the changes here:

In our capitalist society, unpersons are mostly of economical nature; people no longer needed by the productive system, 'surplus costs' or individuals bought for a price wholesale - the so called slaves - or part-time in a corporative job. Capitalist unpersons sold as cargo by the first corporations however are not recognized as such, except by artists critical of the eco(nomic)system, often in parables that range from Kafka's metamorphosis in which the unperson becomes an insect, hidden from society to Wilder's 'The Apartment', in which unpersons crunch numbers, in white collar jobs today taken by secretarial PCs.en:List of Newspeak words#Unperson