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Remove most of a long, complex copy-paste from En[change source]

Looking through Special:LongPages, it is easy to spot articles that are very long, detailed copies from En Wiki that have not been simplified. An article that jumps from 4-5k to 60k+ with a single edit is a sure sign. In this case, User:Wikid77 "created, as article, from English WP to simplify concepts, as draft version for improvement, with 44 redlinks: consultant, Statistical Process Control, variation, monitoring..." over a year ago, but never returned to simplify it. There are a few changes, but mainly just commas and links. In some cases the En version is simpler. See diff.

We do need this article on the wiki, but a better article will result if we start over with the plan to build a simple article, rather trying to simplify such a huge article from En. A good, simple article will be both shorter and easier to read. No need for a duplicate online version of En. Thanks, Gotanda (talk) 01:52, 20 December 2011 (UTC)