Tamang people

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Moormi Bhotey
Tamang woman.jpg
Tamang woman
Total population
c. 1.7 million
   Nepal 1,539,830 [1]
 India 183,812
West Bengal146,203 (2011) [2]
Sikkim37,609 (2011)[3]
Tamang, Nepali, Tamang
(majority):Buddhism 87.29%, (minority): Hinduism 8.88%, Christian and others 4.83% Nepal census (2011), [4]
Related ethnic groups
Tibetan people, Bhotiya, Thakali,

The Tamang are an indigenous Tibetano-Burmese-speaking ethnic tribal group from Nepal whose cast name is Tamang. In Nepal, Tamang/Moormi people make for 1.539,830 persons, or 5.6% of the country's total population, up from 1.3 million in 2001.[5]

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