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Commune and town
Coordinates: 33°32′18″N 9°51′55″E / 33.53833°N 9.86528°E / 33.53833; 9.86528Coordinates: 33°32′18″N 9°51′55″E / 33.53833°N 9.86528°E / 33.53833; 9.86528
Country Tunisia
GovernorateGabès Governorate
Time zoneUTC+1

Tamezret or Tamazrat (Arabic: تامزرط‎) is a Tunisian Berber village located in the south-east of the country, about ten kilometers from Matmata and forty kilometers southwest of the capital of the governorate of Gabès on which it depends. Ridge village built on the four slopes of one of the highest hills of the Matmata mountains.(480 m altitude).[1]


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