Tanggula Railway Station

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Tanggula railway station building
Tanggula railway station platform

Tanggula railway station is a railway station on the Qingzang railway in Tibet. It is in Amdo County. Tibet is currently an Autonomous Region inside China. At an altitude of 5,068 meters above sea level it is said to be the highest train station in the world.[1] The next higher station outside China was Ticlio station in (Peru), at 4,829 m.

In 2009, the station was closed, but there are plans to make special trains for tourists stop there.[2]

Coordinates: 32°53′05″N 91°55′06″E / 32.88472°N 91.91833°E / 32.88472; 91.91833

Introduction[change | change source]

Tanggula railway station is less than one kilometre from Tanggula Pass which is the highest point of the Qingzang railway. That point is 5,072 meters above sea level.

There are no staff at the station, which opened for service on July 1, 2006. Some say that the railway was built to help China control the people of Tibet.[3]

There are three railway tracks at the station. Two of them can be accessed by a platform. The platforms are 1.25km long. The place where the station was built was specially selected for the view it offers.

In 2008, Tangula Railtours[4] will launch a tourist train service from Beijing to Lhasa through the pass. Three specially-built luxury trains will be used for the service.[2]

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