Tautovskoye Rural Settlement

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Tautovskoye Rural Settlement (Russian: Таутовское се́льское поселе́ние; Chuvash: Тавăт ял тăрăхĕ, Tavăt jal tărăkhĕ) is an administrative[1] and municipal division (a rural settlement) of Alikovsky District of the Chuvash Republic, Russia.[2] It is located in the central part of the district. Its administrative center is the locality (a village) of Tautovo.[2] Rural settlement's population: 2,532 (2006 est.).[source?]

Tautovskoye Rural Settlement comprises eleven rural localities.[2]

The CheboksaryKrasnye Chetai highway crosses the territory of the rural settlement.

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  1. In accordance with Law #28, the municipal divisions in the Chuvash Republic are considered to be its administrative-territorial divisions
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