Tavistock Square

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Tavistock Square
Tavistock Square with BMA house on its right
NamesakeMarquess of Tavistock
LocationBloomsbury, London Borough of Camden, Inner London

Tavistock Square is a public town square in Bloomsbury, in the London Borough of Camden.

History[change | change source]

The area was where one of the 7/7 attacks took place, when Hassib Hussain exploded a bomb on a bus near Woburn Place. The explosion would kill 13 people.[1] This was the only bombing of the 4 bombings on that day that took place on a bus. The bus had went on a different route than usual because of the attacks earlier.[2]

Art[change | change source]

Gandhi statue

In the middle of the gardens is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, made by Fredda Brilliant and put into the gardens in 1968. It is for people to leave flowers to remember him for his peaceful campaigning.[3]

A cherry tree was planted in 1967 to remember people who died to the nuclear bombings in Japan.[4]

The square contains a place to remember the doctor Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake (1865 –1925), with a statue of Aldrich-Blake by Arthur George Walker planned out by Sir Edwin Lutyens.[5]

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