Tawi River

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Tawi is a river that flows through the city of Jammu, Kashmir.

Tawi river is a major left bank tributary of Chenab River. The river originates from the lapse of Kali Kundi glacier and adjoining area south-west of Bhadarwah in Doda District. Tawi river catchment is delinated by latitude 320 35' -330 5' N and longitude 740 35' - 750 45' E. The catchment area of the river up to Indo-Pak cease-fire border (Jammu) is 2168 km², and falls within the districts of Jammu, Udhampur and a small part of Doda. Elevation in the catchment varies between 400–4000 m and total length of the river is about 141 km. The river in general flows through steep hills on either side excepting the lower reach for about 35 km. width of the river at Jammu is about 300 m at the bridge site.