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Entering Tayap
Entering Tayap
Coordinates: Coordinates: 3°49′N 10°54′E / 3.817°N 10.900°E / 3.817; 10.900
 • Total272
Time zoneUTC+1

Tayap is a small village in Cameroon. It is 86 kilometres (53 miles) from Yaoundé, the capital city. It is 164 kilometres (102 miles) from Douala, the biggest city of the country.[1]

The climate is equatorial. It is usually hot, 25 °C (77 °F). It is often wet. There are four different seasons.

In 2005, 272 people lived in Tayap. The village has a primary school. It has 4 classrooms.[1]

Most people work in agriculture. They produce manioc, bananas, oranges, mangoes, vegetables, peanuts, cocoa and palm oil.[1]

The village is surrounded by a large forest but deforestation is a major problem in this area.[1]

Since 2011 Tayap focuses on biodiversity and ecology. It tries to develop new activities such as tourism.[1]

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