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A technical support scam is a form of telephone fraud that tricks people by pretending that they are a service which helps people fix their computers. In most cases they convince the victim they have a computer problem that does not actually exist.[1] A common type is when someone gets a call from someone (usually from places like India or Pakistan) pretending to be from a company that sounds real such as "Microsoft" or "Windows" support.[2] Often the caller tries to gain the victim's trust.[3] They may use confusing and very technical language to sound authentic. They may ask the victim to perform several tasks on their computer. Often they target legitimate files on the victim's computer saying these are viruses. These tactics are designed to scare people into letting the scammer fix the problem (that does not really exist).[3] The caller may have the victim install malicious software that could capture sensitive data, such as online banking passwords or credit card information.[4]

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