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AllMovie movie at AllMovie

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This is a template used to generate external links to AllMovie (formerly known as All Movie Guide and AllRovi). This template should be used exclusively for movies and television series; to link to a person (actor, director, etc.) use {{AllMovie person}} instead.

Usage[change source]

{{AllMovie movie|356351|Quantum of Solace}}

Instructions[change source]

  1. Search AllMovie for the movie title you want, and click on the correct link to go to that movie's page.
  2. The page URL should look like this:


    where "######" indicates a number. (If it doesn't, there should be a message under the movie's title which says "wrong Result? more matches HERE"; click on this link and reselect the desired movie from the list.)
  3. Copy ONLY that number. Add the following text to the External links section:

    {{AllMovie movie|######|Title}}


    ###### is the number you've copied, and
    Title is the title of the movie (default is the article's name.)

  4. Optional: add tab parameter to show different pages in a movie's entry. Choices are: overview, cast_crew, review, awards, releases. Leaving the parameter empty will display the overview.

Example[change source]

  1. For Quantum of Solace, the AllMovie page URL is:
  2. Copy "356351" and add it to this template, i.e.:
    • {{AllMovie movie|356351|Quantum of Solace}}
  3. This will display as:
  4. Enter tab=review to display the AllMovie review