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Ambox current red Asia Australia.svgCurrent time is 22:49 UTC refresh

A rotation of filename of globe icons in {{Ambox}} style with a red clock. The file changes every eight hours.


  • 06:00โ€“14:00 โ†’ Ambox current red.svg ๐ŸŒ Africa and Europe
  • 14:00โ€“22:00 โ†’ Ambox current red Americas.svg ๐ŸŒŽ Americas
  • 22:00โ€“06:00 โ†’ Ambox current red Asia Australia.svg ๐ŸŒ Asia and Australia

Usage[change source]

[[File:{{Ambox globe current red}}|image size]]

Examples[change source]

Code Result
[[File:{{Ambox globe current red}}|32px]] Ambox current red Asia Australia.svg
[[File:{{Ambox globe current red}}|thumb|64px|Globe icon with a red clock.]]
Globe icon with a red clock.

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