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{{{2}}} {{{3}}}

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Usage[change source]

This template is used to provide sources for Bible verse references.

  • DO NOT put any spaces anywhere in the template.
  • You can use shorthand for the names, such as Sam or Deut.
  • Verse references may be simplified (for example, no range or entire chapter).
  • If there is only one book, leave that part blank.

List of Source Codes[change source]

A list of sources and codes that may be used to trigger them is at the Bible Verse Finder by Joel Nothman.

Alternative usage[change source]

An alternative is also sometimes used: {{bibleverse|BOOKNAME|BOOK#|c:v-c:v|SOURCE_CODE}} . Note, though, that if no book number is relevant, the blank argument must be there (see Genesis example below).

An alternative version of this template is available that does not include the book name: Template:Bibleverse-nb. It can be used to create lists of verses, e.g. [[Exodus]] {{bibleverse-nb||Exodus|1:2-3|HE}}; {{bibleverse-nb||Exodus|13:10|HE}}

produces: Exodus 1:2-3; 13:10

Examples[change source]

  • Example1: {{bibleverse|1|Samuel|3:16-4:18|31}} produces a link to the NIV translation (31 in the source list as linked below): 1 Samuel 3:16-4:18
  • Example2: {{bibleverse||Genesis|1:15-16|HE}} produces: Genesis 1:15-16