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Usage[change source]

Cite.php is the software extension for the footnotes system. Cite.php includes error checking for <ref>...</ref> tags and generates error messages using MediaWiki messages. This template is used to control the namespaces and categories where those messages show.

This template causes error messages to show only on main (article), template, category, help and file pages; the page that triggers the error is placed into a category.

It is possible to extend this template so that each namespace has a custom version of the message that may include a different or no category.

See Help:Cite errors for a full list of the MediaWiki messages.

Parameters[change source]

  • |msg=text of the error message
  • |cat=category
The default category is Category:Pages with incorrect ref formatting; see Category:Pages with citation errors for other categories.

Showing cite errors on other pages[change source]

Errors on talk and other pages do not show by default but can enabled by adding a rule to your CSS:

span.brokenref {
  display: inline;

This does not add the page to a maintenance category.

Message links[change source]

These MediaWiki messages do not support internal wikilinks, thus an external link must be used:

These MediaWiki messages do not support internal wikilinks and mangle external links:

All of these messages have editnotices to inform the editor of the issues. This problem has been reported as bug:17865.