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What it is for[change source]

This template allows articles to include official 2006 census data into articles about Australian places. It is better to use this template than to directly link to the website because the website links can change. Data can be found at the Australian Bureau of Statistics website

How to use it[change source]

{{Census 2006 AUS
 |id = 
 |name =
 |accessdate =

As a reference:

<ref>{{Census 2006 AUS  |id =  |name = |accessdate = |quick=on}}</ref>
  • id = The ID that the ABS use for the region.
  • name = The name that the ABS use for the region - for example, Caversham (State Suburb) or 5011202 (Census Collection District).
  • accessdate = Date you looked it up in the form yyyy-mm-dd eg 2007-06-27.

Adding "|quick=on" at the end forces the template to use the webpage version ("QuickStats") instead of linking to the Excel spreadsheet version.