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Usage[change source]

This is an experimental way to cite the technical specifications of Macintosh models in a uniform way from developer Apple Inc. and third party EveryMac.com. Apple, as a primary source, is the most reliable, but its information is often sparse. EveryMac.com was selected as the least commercial and most reliable of a handful of sites dedicated to legacy Macintosh specifications.


All users should add the following to their monobook.js or vector.js pages for use with refToolbar 2.0:

importScript('User:Mr.Z-man/refToolbar 2.0.js');
new citeTemplate('cite mac', 'Macintosh',
[ // Basic fields
{"field": "model", "label":"Model name"},
{"field": "appleNumber", "label":"Apple number"}, 
{"field": "everyURL", "label":"EverMac URL", "tooltip": "Only from after /apple/"},
{"field": "accessdate"}
], [ ]);
{{cite mac |model= |appleNumber= |everyURL= |accessdate= }}
  • model is a string that is used to identify the specific Macintosh being cited.
  • appleNumber refers to the 5-character identifier, listed after "Article", on the tech spec page you are citing. Search for articles.
  • everyURL refers to the second half of the URL from EveryMac.com, beginning immediately after system/apple/. Find articles.
  • accessdate is today's date.

{{cite mac |model=[[iMac G3]] |appleNumber=SP136 |everyURL=imac/stats/imac_ab.html |accessdate=24 May, 2010}}


Technical specifications of iMac G3 from Apple's knowledge base and from EveryMac.com. Retrieved 24 May, 2010.

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