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Error on call to Template:cite paper: Parameter title must be specified

Usage summary[change source]

{{cite paper |last= |first= |authorlink= |title= |version= |publisher= |date= |url= |format= |id= |accessdate= }}


{{cite paper
  | first = 
  | last = 
  | authorlink = 
  | title = 
  | version = 
  | publisher = 
  | date = 
  | url = 
  | format = 
  | id = 
  | accessdate = 

Tools[change source]

See Wikipedia:Citing sources#Tools for a list of tools which can help create a reference in the 'cite paper' format.

Notes[change source]

  • Template 'Cite journal' allows more details to be entered and may be more appropriate if the paper was published in a journal.