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Usage[change source]

This template can be placed at the top of any article that is currently the subject of a class project. It can also be placed on the talk page of an article that was previously worked on as part of a class project. More information on these assignments can be found at Wikipedia:Schools/Projects.

This is meant to encourage editors to use the talk page instead of fixing any problems themselves. Since nobody has exclusive access to an article on the Simple English Wikipedia, usage of this template is not a guarantee for the project group.

It may also be helpful as a record to let future editors know when the project ended. When used on a talk page, the template places the page into Category:Wikipedia articles as assignments.

Pages that have had the template up for over three months are placed into Category:Stale class assignment articles. To remove this category, add |reviewed=yes to the syntax. Userspace drafts using this template for over one year without any edits are added to Category:Stale userspace drafts.

Full syntax[change source]

{{Class project
 | date = 
 | day = 
 | month = 
 | year = 
 | link = 
 | help =
 | teacher =
 | reviewed =

Parameters[change source]

All the parameters of the template are optional.

Parameter Description
date The date when the educational assignment ended. Use either |date= or |day=, |month= and |year= to enter a date, not both. Only works on talk pages.
day Instead of using |date=, you can enter the date when the project ended using |day=, |month= and |year=. You can also enter only a month and year, or just a year. Type everything as a numeral (that is, "7" instead of "July").

If you enter only a month and year, or a year alone, the template checks to see if this partial date is earlier than or the same as the current month and/or year. If it is earlier, the template automatically indicates that the article was an educational assignment in the specified month and/or year. Otherwise, it indicates that the article is currently an educational assignment in the specified month and/or year.

link The name of a page where there is a description of the project, like this: "Wikipedia:WikiProject Public art".
help If you use this parameter, the template will invite other editors to help the students improve the article. If you want the students to work mostly on their own without the aid of editors, don't use this parameter.
teacher The username of the teacher or coordinator. When specified, this will provide a link to the teacher's user talk page.
reviewed When the project has finished, and you wish to leave the template for a record. Setting this parameter to yes will let other editors know that the page has been properly reviewed and will remove it from Category:Stale class assignment articles.

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