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This template supersedes {{legend3}}.

Usage[change source]


color is passed to the css background-color property. HTML color names (e.g. "#FF0000") or the color name (e.g. "red") can be used.

text is any text to be rendered inside the colorbox.

Wikilink is the Wikilink for the Wikipedia page the text should point to.

Examples[change source]

Empty colorbox

For a colorbox with no text, use




Legends and keys

For a legend or key using color and a text-based marker such as aCaret (^), dagger/obelisk (†), double dagger/diesis (‡), or asterisk (*), use


which renders:

  ^    †    ‡    * 


  1. Do not use a black shaded colorbox with text markers as the text will not be visible.
  2. The HTML coding &amp#42; must be used to create the asterisk as Wikipedia will treat the a typed asterisk as an indented bullet point
  • like this.
Linkable text

To create linkable text inside the colorbox, use


which renders:



  1. Do not use a blue or red shaded colorbox with wikilinks as the text will not be visible.

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