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How to use[change source]

{{CongBio2}} allows linking to the Bioguide and the Washington Post's voting record, using parameters. Both databases use the same parameter code. The Washington Post's voting guide, however, goes back to only 1991. Therefore, this template should not be used for anyone who was not in Congress in 1991 or later. For those people, use {{CongBio}}.

Like {{CongBio}}, this template puts * before both external links.

Example[change source]

John Olver's biography is at http://bioguide.congress.gov/scripts/biodisplay.pl?index=o000085.
John Olver's voting record is at http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members/o000085.
So {{CongBio2|o000085}} will return two external links to that biography and voting record:

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Content notice template[change source]

{{Bioguide}} looks like this:
This article incorporates facts obtained from the public domain Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.