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This template is a self-reference, so it is a part of the Wikipedia project, not the encyclopedic content. It may be used in articles to provide links to recipes on Wikibooks that are likely to be useful and/or of interest to the person reading the article.

Usage[change source]

{{Cookbook|Sashimi|Raw fish}}
{{Cookbook|Rice#Types of rice|Types of rice}}

Where this template should be placed in an article[change source]

If this happens, please switch to a different sister template.

☒N Do not place this template in a section all by itself.

☒N Do not place this template in a section which has columns in it.

This template should not be placed as the only other website in the ==Other websites== section of an article. If the other websites section is empty, this template can be placed at the top of the last section of the article.

Related templates[change source]