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This page shows all the hooks currently in the queue for moving to the Main page. If all queues displayed in one place, it can help to give users an idea of how full DYK is. It might also help to know whether or not their hooks have been updated.

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DYK time[change source]

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Queues[change source]

Queue 1

From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:


  • ... that ... (pictured) ...
  • ... that ...
  • ... that ...
  • ... that ...
  • ... that ...
  • Queue 2

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Zendaya - 2019 by Glenn Francis.jpg

  • ... that Zendaya (pictured) is the youngest winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series?
  • ... that Bumblebees can fly higher than Mount Everest?
  • ... that as a lawyer, Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon helped convict South Korea's first sexual harassment case?
  • ... that Unserdeutsch is one of only a few German-based Creole languages still in use?
  • ... that members of The Salvation Army represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013?
  • Queue 3

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Ian McKellen - 1-3 (cropped).jpg

  • ... ... that in 1970, Sir Ian McKellen (pictured) was the first actor to share a gay kiss with another male actor on British television?
  • ... that the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavík holds the world's largest collection of penises from many living organisms?
  • ... that the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 led to the invention of echo sounding, about ten years after the accident?
  • ... that Valentina Sampaio is the first openly transgender model for Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated?
  • ... that the Tepexpan man was a woman?
  • Queue 4

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    The Tardigrade

  • ... that Tardigrades (pictured) can still live after being frozen for more than 30 years?
  • ... that the Phantom of Heilbronn is a serial killer that was never found?
  • ... that "What Goes On" was the only Beatles song that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr wrote together?
  • ... that Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Dwight Yorke were the first international players to win the Premier League Golden Boot?
  • ... that Playboy was also printed in Braille between 1970 and 1985?
  • Queue 5

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Lamborghini Reventon at Frankfurt auto show 2007.jpg

  • ... that the Lamborghini Reventón (pictured) was made to look like the F-22 Raptor?
  • ... that the Daocheng Yading Airport is the highest civilian airport in the world?
  • ... that after his death, Pope Formosus was accused of perjury and his corpse was exhumed and put on trail where he was found guilty?
  • ... that at least a third of homeless young people in Los Angeles practised survival sex?
  • ... that Marcus Terentius Varro warned about very small creatures that can cause airborne transmission diseases, many years before microbiology could proved it?
  • Queue 6

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Great Bitter Lake from space (hires) rotated1.jpg

  • ... that some of the oldest Egyptian texts known mention the area where Great Bitter Lake (pictured) is today?
  • ... that the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, made Japan 2.4 meters closer to North America?
  • ... that in 2014, Michael D. Higgins became the first President of Ireland to officially visit the United Kingdom?
  • ... that at aged 99, Captain Sir Tom Moore became the oldest person to record a number one single?
  • ... that a cannon was fired from the Salyut 3 space station and is the only time a gun has been fired in space?