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Hooks[change source]

NOTE: When possible, it is good to have a balance of subjects covered by the hooks. Thanks.

From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

Opal Lee in 2021

  • ... that at age 89, Opal Lee (pictured) walked from Fort Worth, Texas to Washington, D.C. hoping to make Juneteenth a federal holiday?
  • ... that former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel in 2000 that later became a bestselling book?
  • ... that the casino resort Bally's Chicago was proposed so its revenue would give money to Chicago's police and firefighter pension fund?
  • ... that Justin Trudeau led a government with less than 35% of the national popular vote after the 2019 election?
  • ... that "Can't Help Falling in Love" was the last song Elvis Presley performed live at a concert before his death?
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